365k: the end… and the beginning

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on blurbs and tag lines. I’ve written some for non-existent stories and for stories that I’ve written and a few for other people’s stories. Blurbs, blurbs, blurbs. If you don’t have a good one, why would anyone even click on the book?

Imagine my surprise when I added all of the words to my overall word count and discovered that I’d passed 365k.

*bounces off the walls*

Woo! I hit 365k! Technically 366,021, but still; woo!

And now that I’ve hit 365k I can celebrate… by starting over from scratch tomorrow.

It’s going to be fun. I can’t wait 🙂

Here are amongst some of the great blurbs and tag lines I came up with. They don’t have any stories behind them but I liked how they sounded.



Magic. Danger. Coffee.

Jason’s kissed a lot of men over the years. He never felt anything like he did when he kissed his hated brother’s friend, Trevor.

Years ago I dreamed I was a powerful mage. I had dangerous friends, mysterious enemies, and a familiar that could make a great cup of coffee. The dreams are back… and this time they’re happening in the real world.

When it comes to love, they say the first cut is the deepest. They left out the part where the second one doesn’t feel any better either.

They say you learn who you are in the dark. Apparently you can also find out some interesting things during a zombie apocalypse.

Boy meets girl. They discover they make better friends than lovers. Girl introduces boy to her brother.

After surviving a mysterious attack, Morgan is thrown into a secret magical world where one side wants world domination and the other is the bad guys.

They say that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. If that was true, then not only is Elliot my best friend, it’s surprising we’re not sleeping together.

Max has hated Elliot since the other man was made editor-in-chief of their college newspaper instead of him. Fast forward fifteen years later, where the two smile politely at one another while always keeping a look out for the other’s weaknesses.

However Max feels about Elliot, it’s nothing compared to what he feels for Conner, the man who destroyed Max’s former newspaper. The man who’s now running for mayor. The man who’s also Elliot’s former lover.

They say one should keep one’s friends close and their enemies closer. Max is about to test that.

adventures in cat naps

A certain awesome reader (thank you, Barbara!) sent me some kitty mats. As you can imagine, my cat overlords had to check them out.

I think they approve.

Here is Tasman, taking a nap. She’s saving up her energy so she can chase Kiely all over the house later. Her favorite place to nap in on the big perch by the window.

Here’s Kiely, also taking a nap. There’s no way she’s going to let Tasman out-nap her. Her favorite napping spot is a little nook beside my desk that I’d originally planned to use for research books. Silly me; Kiely knew that spot’s true purpose was for cats.

nano update

This is probably the first time I’ve ever won Nano by writing a ton of snippets, half a novella, a short story, and ten thousand (okay, maybe only a couple hundred) extended outlines.

Here’s a peek at some of the great things that have emerged from this year’s Nano.


If you fear it, it will come.



All of the good horror movies had scary music. Halloween had that fast beat. Friday the Thirteenth had that eerie whisper. The Omen series had that unholy chorus. Black Friday had Christmas music.



Does one catch the flu or does the flu catch them? It’s an interesting question. I don’t usually think about it until I’m fighting a cough.

Spoiler alert: the cough is going to win. It’s going to sweep through me like a category five hurricane, knocking over the power lines of my energy and leaving me drained, maybe aching, maybe not, depending on how much real estate the bug has taken in my sinuses.

Stupid bug, slipping in when I’m not paying attention. Then again, would I have noticed it slipping in? If the cough is a storm then the bug is a ninja, sending out stars to take out my health bit by bit, taking over my nose, those places in my ears and head that I forget are connected until I’m sick.

I hate this bug, it hates me. What does the bastard want?

World domination.

Problem is, I’m its world and it doesn’t fight fair.

kitty times

Someone recently pointed out to me that I’d dropped the ball on sharing photos of my cat overlords so here’s a few more…

The beautiful black cat is Darian; the bundle of foof is Tasman. Darian died a month after we took the photo. What I found astounding at the time (heck, I still do), is that Darian HATED having her picture taken. If she saw a camera come out, she’d hide.

On the day this photo was taken though she got up on the chair (HER chair; it used to be mine but she’d taken to napping on it so we just put blankets on it to make it more comfortable for her), made a chirp noise that summoned Tasman, and then sat there like this until I got over my shock and grabbed a camera.

When Darian was two, we discovered she had lymphoma in her stomach. She went through chemotherapy and two years later went into remission. Because her vet bills were huge, we decided not to get another cat for years. Tasman wouldn’t come along until pet insurance became a thing. Darian was sixteen when we got Tasman. She was seventeen when we took the photo. I remember looking at her and knowing that the photo was her gift to me. She knew she wasn’t going to live through the winter.

Tasman loved her dearly (she’d follow her around everywhere and was constantly trying to lick her) so we knew she wouldn’t react well when Darian passed on. Wanting her to have some company but also not wanting her to associate the new company with Darian being gone, we went and got another kitten a few days after the photo was taken.

Here’s Darian with Kiely, teaching her how to nap and stretch (Kiely was very gifted).

After Darian passed away, Tasman and Kiely were quiet for a few weeks. Gradually they began playing more, eventually graduating to chasing one another around the house. They might only be a couple of cats but when they’re running around they sound like a herd.

Where Darian hated having her picture taken, Tasman and Kiely are pretty cool with it.

My kitty overlords are pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

nano update

How am I doing?


Pretty good, if I say so myself. I’m still bouncing around from project to project but, word count-wise, I’m a day ahead of schedule.

Even with bouncing around I was still able to write a little holiday short for the Wedding Pact. It may not have been the holiday story I thought I’d finish this month but I’m happy with the story. Plus there’s still time to write more. Nano won’t end for a few more days.

And even when Nano does end, I still have the rest of the 365k challenge 🙂

state of the nano

So many things going on…

First off, I’ve spent the last few days dealing with a cold. While I haven’t written much, I’m not too worried; I’ve caught up with a worse word count. We’ll see where I am in a week 🙂

Probably still coughing, but hopefully coughing less.

See that 191 words I’ve done today? I’ve worked very hard for it 🙂


Some of Nano’s words have gone to a Christmas story I’m working on. It’s a sequel to Tonight, which I’m changing the title to. Very soon it’ll be up on Amazon as Intimate Friends. While Tonight is a nice title, I think IF is better suited to the story. Here’s the new cover:

So pretty…


And speaking of the Christmas story, here’s a peek at its cover:

The story began as a previous Christmas short. It was cute but the characters needed to be fleshed out more. Fleshing has since happened, making the story longer and, if I may so so, more awesome.

day 310

Some years I write a TON of words the first week, others I maybe write 5k and spend the rest of the month fighting to catch up. It’s a little weird to be in the middle. It’s made me realize how much I love the thrill/panic of being WAY AHEAD or FREAKING BEHIND during Nano.

Quote of the day: some would say it was the best of times. Others would say it was the worst. Me, I called it Monday.

day 304

October word count: 47,696total word count: 286,029


After releasing Tricks and Treats I decided to take a couple of days off from writing. I’ve been napping, reading, and, oh yes;


You’d think that after a year of writing, a single month of it wouldn’t make me nervous, but Nano is special. If I don’t hit 50k most months (and Ihaven’t), it’s okay. I’m still on board to hit 365k by the end of the year. Some months I write a ton, some months I don’t. I’m happy with myself.

With Nano, though, I HAVE TO hit 50k.

I have a special fondness for Nano. There were years when it was the only time I finished anything. After a year of being so productive, I want to do good by it.

I don’t know what I’ll be working on yet but I figure something will occur to me tomorrow. Nano magic will envelop me and something will click.

Failing that, I’ll just write snippets for a bunch of stories and see what speaks to me. As January showed me this year, I can hit 50k doing that.