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Robin Foster and his friend Taylor Endicott once made a pact: no matter how insane their schedules ever got, they’d always make time to get coffee. That promise has been working for them as they attend community college, go in and out of relationships, and, for Robin, claw his way up the school paper.

Now that they’re on their summer break, Robin looks forward to drinking mochas with Taylor, making plans for a vampire movie marathon, and not talking to the attractive man that’s standing in front of him.

Robin wants to think he’s comfortable with himself. Outside of himself? He’s not ready for that. He hasn’t even told Taylor about it yet.

When Taylor texts that he’s running late, Robin has time to not talk to the attractive man in front of him. A lot of time.

Robin wants to think he’s comfortable with himself. When he tells Taylor, he thinks his friend will be open. Standing there, he has to wonder how true he really thinks either is.